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Evil Knows: In the Name of Science
Evil Knows: In the Name of Science
Evil Knows: In the Name of Science
49 min • Health & Science • 2016 • MA15+

What do you need to make the most evil science TV show in the world? A host who tries the nastiest experiments on himself. Lots of cold (and hot) hard facts that explain why all this insanity is happening. The host: Evil Jared Hasselhof. Rockstar and bass player of the Bloodhound Gang. Sleepless for 96 hours straight. The spiciest,hottest food in the world. Shaking off a bloodhound and its supersensitive sniffing. Noodling with the fattest catfish. Exposing himself to the strongest G-forces. And living the life of a cowboy anno 1860. Evil is as Evil does. Evil Jared is always gungho for new and exciting adventures - especially new foods or internet trends. “Evil, but I eat it!“ and “Evil and stupid“ present Evil with yet more challenges. When he’s done, we can say: Now Evil knows!

Bloodhood vs Brotherhood
1. Bloodhood vs Brotherhood
49 mins

The wet leaves beat against Evil Jared's face, his heart is racing. He hears something behind him. His pursuer is nipping at his heels. And the pursuer is a professional - a bloodhound. Jared’s challenge: shake off the bloodhound. And he is trying his best. Jared fights with all his strength against the current of the ice-cold river. Rubbing himself with smelly sulphurous mud to cover up his scent. Climbing over mossy, slippery rocks. And still the warm, moist breath of bloodhound breathing down his neck. If all this does not work, he still has an ace up his sleeve: a helicopter.

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