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Evil Knows: In the Name of Science
Evil Knows: In the Name of Science

Evil Knows: In the Name of Science

49 min • Health & Science • 2016

What do you need to make the most evil science TV show in the world? A host who tries the nastiest experiments on himself. Lots of cold (and hot) hard facts that explain why all this insanity is happening. The host: Evil Jared Hasselhof. Rockstar and bass player of the Bloodhound Gang. Sleepless for 96 hours straight. The spiciest,hottest food in the world. Shaking off a bloodhound and its supersensitive sniffing. Noodling with the fattest catfish. Exposing himself to the strongest G-forces. And living the life of a cowboy anno 1860. Evil is as Evil does. Evil Jared is always gungho for new and exciting adventures - especially new foods or internet trends. “Evil, but I eat it!“ and “Evil and stupid“ present Evil with yet more challenges. When he’s done, we can say: Now Evil knows!
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