Every Little Step
Every Little Step
93 min • Society, Culture • 2008 • M

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Every Little Step explores the incredible journey of A Chorus Line; from ambitious idea to international phenomenon. It compares and contrasts the original musical with the current revival. It investigates the societies in which they’ve debuted, and why the themes are so timeless and universal. Finally, it goes behind the scenes with exclusive interviews and footage of the revival’s audition process, revealing the dramatic journey of the performers, and unfolding a story of life imitating art. Footage of these talented artists auditioning, rehearsing, and performing, combined with candid interviews, will deeply invest audiences in their arduous journey. On screen, the performers reveal their backgrounds and dreams as they struggle to cope with Broadway’s emotional rollercoaster. The real-life drama will have audiences on tenterhooks as they root for their favorites. But ultimately, just as in the story of A Chorus Line, just as in life itself, only a few can prevail. Out of the thousands of performers who audition, only 19 are chosen to open the revival on Broadway. Their lives are interwoven with one of the world’s greatest musicals, their hopes and dreams hanging in the balance. This is their story, and the story of the phenomenon known as A Chorus Line. Every Little Step is a wonderfully entertaining film that will strike a chord with the young and old alike. Whether successful or not, this group will keep on dancing…