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Enemy Within
Enemy Within
Enemy Within
0 min • History, Politics & World Affairs • 2018

A two-part documentary series where the film makers travel to the front line of the war in Afghanistan. From Kabul to Ghazni, we obtain rare access into Taliban badlands, and understand why the Taliban are gaining control of more territory, 18 years since America invaded the country. On this journey, we embed with the Afghanistan Army on an operation against the Taliban and investigate why they are fast losing soldiers to conflict and attrition as we film their training grounds. We also meet brave journalists and artistes who continue to fight for peace. Along the way, we speak to key stakeholders like former President Hamid Karzai who unveils his solution for a democratic, peaceful Afghanistan. But is this too little, too late, for a country that has failed to protect thousands of lives that have already been lost in a conflict that continues to get worse with every passing day.

Caught In The Crossfire
1. Caught In The Crossfire
47 mins

The civil war between the Afghan government and the Taliban has left more than 28,000 civilians dead and 52,000 injured since the UN began documenting the war in 2009. But statistics alone cannot convey the appalling extent of human suffering. The price of this 18 year war has been paid in blood. Caught in the Crossfire meets journalists documenting Afghanistan's war ravaged history and discovers the sacrifices they endure at the battle lines. And, amidst mounting Taliban Spring Offensives and a resurging Islamic State, brave young Afghans enlist in the Afghan army, in hopes peace might finally prevail in their homeland.

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