Draining the Oceans
Draining the Oceans
50 min • History, Health & Science • 2009

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This is a world you have never seen before, a world normally hidden under miles of water, the landscape of the ocean bed. Using the latest scientific data and CGI, we drain the water from the oceans to reveal the mountains, canyons, plains and volcanoes that are more dramatic than anything on dry land.

Draining the Ocean: Episode 1
1. Draining the Ocean: Episode 1
50 mins

All around the globe, scientists are mapping the seabed, collecting data, and building up a picture of the terrain below the surface. With the very latest scientific data and specially developed computer animation software, you can now view the landscapes of the ocean floor. Pull an imaginary plug and drain all the water from the ocean. With no water, the planet looks completely different. This is the world we're going to reveal.

Draining the Ocean: Episode 2
2. Draining the Ocean: Episode 2
52 mins

Planet earth, also known as the blue planet because three quarters of the planet is covered by ocean. In this episode we look at what most call “The Final Frontier”. Using the newest data gathered from scientists all over the world and the latest advancements in computer generated imaging, we explore some of the most dramatic landscapes the Earth has to offer. From the tallest mountain to fissures that would engulf entire countries, the ocean floor is truly a sight to behold.