The brutal murder of Isabel Carrasco, one of Spain’s most controversial politicians, shocked the nation. Three women were quickly arrested in what appeared to be an inexplicable private vendetta. But as the investigation developed, a deeper story of power, deceit and betrayal emerged. With unrivalled access to all the main characters, this critically-acclaimed series is a riveting portrayal of a provincial...

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3 Minutes
1. 3 Minutes
62 mins
Leon, 12th of May 2014. Isabel Carrasco, the president of the provincial government of Leon, is murdered in broad daylight in the centre of Leon. Feared and hated for her autocratic rule, many people wanted her dead. By the following day,  three women had been charged with her murder.
7 Years
2. 7 Years
62 mins
Seven years before the crime, Isabel Carrasco comes to power in León. At the same time, Triana Martínez, a young telecommunications engineer, started work in the provincial council. The relationship between the two is very good until one day, all of a sudden, everything changes. 
10 Hours
3. 10 Hours
67 mins
No one understands the involvement of the local policewoman, and Triana’s friend, Raquel Gago. Serious suspicions emerge surrounding the police investigation which had been heavily politicised. The testimonies are over and the jury goes out to deliberate.
Life After
4. Life After
59 mins
The jury finds the three defendants guilty of murder. The prosecutor’s case wins. Isabel Carrasco’s memory becomes increasingly distant in León; no one wants to look back. At the last minute, the filmmakers discover something that was never investigated by the police. A political shadow hangs over the investigation once again.