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Cursed Bloodlines
Cursed Bloodlines
Cursed Bloodlines
286 min • Crime, History • 2018 • PG

The Kennedys, Gettys, Grimaldis, and Romanovs appeared to have had it all – yet generations of family tragedies and misfortunes suggest that not even money or power could protect these doomed dynasties. From billionaire business tycoons to political and royal families, this series examines real life historical instances of tragically ill-fated bloodlines, some spanning over centuries. Could the source of their misfortune be pride, wealth, or genetics? Or could it be something much more sinister?

The Curse Of The Peacock Throne
6. The Curse Of The Peacock Throne
22 mins

The story of how ancient Persia morphed into the Iran of today is very much the story of one family, The Pahlavis. Its reign would prove short-lived for a dynasty, lasting less than six decades and with only two monarchs. But those decades would be the most tumultuous in the nation’s long and complicated history.

The Curse Of The Political Dynasties
7. The Curse Of The Political Dynasties

The Bhutto in Pakistan and the Nehru-Gandhi in India were the leading forces of their respective nations thanks to their political vision, irresistible charisma and an extraordinary ability to obtain popular support. The founders of these dynasties wanted to modernise their countries, and their de

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