Crimea: Russia's Dark Secret
Crimea: Russia's Dark Secret
48 min • History, Politics & World Affairs • 2018 • M

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Since March 2014, 30 Crimean Muslim Tatars have been imprisoned on charges of "extremism". Forty-four activists have been abducted, 19 of whom are still missing, while six have been found dead. The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, known as the FSB, is allegedly the main culprit behind these incidents. For decades, Crimea's Muslim Tatars have been pinpointed for discrimination by Russia as the Tatars' opposition of Moscow's rule and ambitions have made them prime targets. Before the invasion of 2014, Crimea was a part of Ukraine, reformed when the Soviet Union broke up into separate states - something that many Russians, including President Vladimir Putin, were unhappy about. However, since the Russian Federation's annexation of Crimea in early 2014, hostilities against the Muslim Tatar community by Russian authorities have notably increased in episodes of intimidation, aggression, disappearances and even alleged murder.