Chef and cookbook author Nick Stellino takes viewers on location to grocers, butchers, cheesemakers and fishmongers for tips and tricks about ideal ingredients and the best culinary tools. With his signature charm and the home cook in mind, Nick prepares elegant yet easily recreated recipes – from savoury soups to authentic pasta and rice dishes to delectable desserts – in...

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Breakfast Favourites
1. Breakfast Favourites
26 mins
Nick prepares French Toast with Butter Braised Strawberries in a Cassis Sugar; Matzo Brei; a Breakfast Burrito; and Kir Royale.
Southern Comfort
2. Southern Comfort
26 mins
Nick Stellino cooks Southern-Style Chicken Milanese; Biscuits and Gravy; and Nanci's Lobster Macaroni and Cheese.
Incredible Soups
3. Incredible Soups
26 mins
Nick prepares Sicilian Bread Soup; Onion Soup with Gorgonzola and Prosciutto; and Chicken Soup with Meatballs.
Favourites with a Twist
4. Favourites with a Twist
26 mins
Nick cooks Crab Cakes with Spicy Tequila, Corn and Salsa; Sausage Meatballs with Tomato Sauce; and Halibut and Fresh Mediterranean Salsa.
The Ultimate Bread Pudding
5. The Ultimate Bread Pudding
26 mins
Nick cooks Pasta Matriciana; Clams with Sausage and Fettunta; and the Ultimate Bread Pudding with Two Chocolates.
Seafood Feast
6. Seafood Feast
26 mins
Nick prepares Mussel Soup with Curry; Linguine with Red Clam Sauce; and Halibut over Minted Zucchini with Garlic.
Nick’s Favourites
7. Nick’s Favourites
26 mins
Nick prepares some of his favourite recipes including Pasta with Shrimp and Zucchini; Veal Saltimbocca; and Cherry Almond Rice Pudding.
Special Creations
8. Special Creations
26 mins
Nick prepares Parisa's Scallops; Risotto with Sausage, Butternut Squash and Peas; and Sicilian-Style Peppered Tuna.
Veal Appeal
9. Veal Appeal
26 mins
Nick Stellino shares recipes for Veal Alla Norma; Veal Cutlet with Piccata Sauce; and Pasta Alla Carbonara.
A Dinner to Remember
10. A Dinner to Remember
26 mins
Nick prepares Mocha Crème Caramel; New York Steak with Green Peppercorn Sauce; Green Salad with Broiled Goat Cheese; and a Manhattan.
Grandma’s Secrets
11. Grandma’s Secrets
26 mins
Nick Stellino prepares some of his grandma's secret recipes including Polenta; Beef Stew; Ossobuco; and Strawberries in Balsamic Vinegar.
A Taste of Italy
12. A Taste of Italy
26 mins
Nick Stellino makes Scallops Mari e Monti; Chicken Milanese with Braised Artichoke; and Old-Fashioned Chocolate Pudding.
Upside-down Apple Pie
13. Upside-down Apple Pie
26 mins
Nick Stellino makes Terrine of Roasted Eggplant; Pasta Alla Russa; Tarte Tatin Upside-Down Apple Pie.