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Conspiracy Rising
Conspiracy Rising

Conspiracy Rising

60 min • Society, Crime • 2011

The number of popular conspiracy theories and the speed at which they spread is growing: over a third of Americans believe their government did not tell them the truth about 9/11; a third of Britons believes that Princess Diana did not die an accidental death, and cyberspace is bursting with sites dedicated to theories about JFK, UFO’s, or Area 51. Looking at these events and others, this film reveals how our mistrust for government has created a culture of doubt. It examines the ways that fearful people find comfort in the order and explanations that conspiracy theories provide. But it also discusses how conspiracy theories frequently discourage honest discourse, and historically, have led to disaster. Taking a hard, penetrating look at the psycho-social and philosophical roots of conspiracy theories, this film examines who tends to believe in them and why.
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