Like human beings , cities have a spectrum of personality traits. They can be soulmates for some people, and complete mismatches for others. City DNA unearths fascinating aspects of living in 5 of Asia's most popular cities. Our host explores Shanghai, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Taipei and Seoul like never before.
1. Taipei
48 mins
In the new millennium, quality of life has become a key aspiration. And we are headed to Taipei to find out how they fare. From Love hotels and smart scooters to inspiring social projects, we will be checking out the city to learn about quality of life there.
2. Seoul
48 mins
Inspired by the utopian life with eight hours of rest, eight hours of work and eight hours of play, we are headed to Seoul to find out how it fares in terms of livability. From mock funeral directors and celebrity teachers to protestors, we will be finding out the quality of life in this city.
3. Shanghai
46 mins
In the romantic metropolis of Shanghai, we are checking out a peculiar style of matchmaking, going onto the jazz stage and patronizing a restaurant staffed with deaf-mute employees. All in the name of finding out how livable the city truly is for the cross-section of the society.
Hong Kong
4. Hong Kong
47 mins
Quality of life has become a key aspiration for an increasing number of city dwellers. Host Joanna heads to Hong Kong to speak to residents, from artists and migrants to social activists, to find out what they think about living in their city.
5. Tokyo
47 mins
Quality of life is the Holy Grail in the 21st century. And Joanna continues her exploration on the question of livability in Tokyo. From artificial intelligence and unusual services to quirky characters in mainstream society, we will find out how good the biggest metropolis on earth is to live in.