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Can We Save the Reef?
Can We Save the Reef?

Can We Save the Reef?

51 min • Nature & Environment • 2018

Off Australia's northeast coast lies a wonder of the world; a living structure so big it can be seen from space... more intricate and complex than any city... and so diverse it hosts a third of all fish species in Australia. This is the Great Barrier Reef; 2,600km of coral reefs, lagoons, islands and deep channels – a living fortress that meets the relentless power of the sea head-on, and protects Australia’s coast. A name recognised by most, but understood by only a handful of intrepid people. The Great Barrier Reef as we know it – 8,000 years old and home to over 2,000 marine species – is dying in our lifetime. Can We Save the Reef? This is the epic story of scientists who are racing to understand our greatest natural wonder, and employing bold new science in an attempt to save it.
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