Bulletproof: The Science of Armoured Vehicles
Bulletproof: The Science of Armoured Vehicles
49 min • Business & Technology, Health & Science • 2008

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This captivating film delves into the modern technologies used to convert an average SUV into a highly secure armoured car. Alpine Armouring is a factory for converting thin-skinned cars and SUVs into thick-skinned armoured vehicles for VIP’s, politicians, celebrities and diplomats. We illustrate that with proper training, the technologies of armoured cars can not only save lives in a variety of dangerous situations, but also, in some cases, armouring technologies can turn against the attackers. With the addition of international-spy-like features, including a smoke screen device and run-flat tires, the made-over SUV is a fortress on wheels ready to hit the streets of the world’s most dangerous cities...