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Blitzed: Nazis on Drugs
Blitzed: Nazis on Drugs

Blitzed: Nazis on Drugs

58 min • History, Politics & World Affairs • 2017

In 1938 a drug called Pervitin was created in Nazi Germany. This stimulant was a methamphetamine based pill, was available in every pharmacy and didn’t require a prescription. This drug was distributed to German soldiers during the course of WW2 and Hitler was no exception to these drug highs receiving drug cocktails from his personal physical Theodor Morell. This film explores the use of drugs in WW2 and looks at the potential effects that drugs could have had on Hitler, soldiers and the war itself. Narrated by acting legend Steven Berkoff, Blitzed shines an extraordinary light on the Nazis experimentation with drugs in WWII - in particular methamphetamine, detailing Hitler's own further descent into pharmaceutically-fuelled madness, aided by the ministrations of his quack doctor Theodor Morell.
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