Upon discovering her Soviet background, Julia Nalivaiko’s friends often ask, “What’s it like over there?”. To answer, she travels to Russian and Ukraine in an attempt to better understand the country she left behind as a child. Explore the curious and colourful former Soviet Union through this 7-part series of laughter, reunions and furry hats.
Lenin, Tchaikovsky & Dixieland Jazz
1. Lenin, Tchaikovsky & Dixieland Jazz
26 mins
Julia explores the USSR's origin in the city formerly known as Leningrad, which was the site of the October Revolution, and also discovers St Petersburg's musical side.
Capitalism, Celebrities & Dachas
2. Capitalism, Celebrities & Dachas
26 mins
Julia explores the challenges of doing business in post-Soviet Moscow, and visits Russia's weekend retreat - the dacha.
Independence, Revolution & Eurovision
3. Independence, Revolution & Eurovision
26 mins
Julia learns about the Orange Revolution and the ongoing social issues in Ukraine.
Artists, Activists & Stilettos
4. Artists, Activists & Stilettos
26 mins
Julia visits a monastery famous for its artists-in-residence, and learns about the changing role of women in Ukrainian society.
Folklore, playgrounds & reunions
5. Folklore, playgrounds & reunions
26 mins
Julia discovers Ukraine's traditional culture, and revisits her own origins.
Stalin, Gymnastics & Discotheques
6. Stalin, Gymnastics & Discotheques
26 mins
Julia explores Kherson, a town in regional Ukraine still largely unchanged since Soviet times, then visits tourist playground Odessa.
Borsch, Vodka & Fusion Cuisine
7. Borsch, Vodka & Fusion Cuisine
26 mins
Julia explores Russia and Ukraine's culinary delights, from well known traditional dishes to modern fusion cuisine.