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Asia's Underworld Season 2
Asia's Underworld Season 2
Asia's Underworld Season 2
22 min • Crime, Society • 2014 • MA15+

This award-winning exposé returns for a second thrilling series, uncovering the brutal criminal underworld of Asia. Daring access brings us up close with the most current issues affecting millions across the region – from China’s black market for babies to kidnapping syndicates holding foreigners for ransom in the Philippines – this is a hard-hitting look at Asian criminality today.

Begging Syndicate
5. Begging Syndicate
22 mins

The begging syndicate is an extremely powerful one. Begging is a profession, and a business worth millions of rupees in India’s cities. Its twisted grip on society spreads far and wide to include kidnappers, traffickers, goons, beggars, doctors and even police.

6. Carjacker
21 mins

An average of 150 vehicles are stolen a day in Malaysia. Where they once used metal rods or rulers to disable a car's locking system before hot-wiring it, they now rely on high-tech gadgets that can deactivate an alarm and other security features to enable them to steal the vehicle in seven minutes on average.

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