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All The President's Elephants
All The President's Elephants

All The President's Elephants

60 min • Nature & Environment • 2012

What makes a jet setting ‘power-blonde’ business executive from Queensland, Australia, ditch her sports car, friends and material processions to pursue a dangerous life in Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe - as self-appointed caretaker of the ‘Presidential Herd’ of elephants? Sharon Pincott, despite harassment, physical abuse and being accused of being a spy, has formed one of the most remarkable relationships between humans and wild elephants ever documented. She breaks all the rules of wildlife observation when she reaches out and touches Lady, one of the Presidential Herd’s matriarchs. The dramatic, but inspiring, story of Lady and the 400-strong elephant herd unfold to reveal the emotions of these giants – joy, mourning, playfulness, jealousy and anger. But the herd is under threat. In desperation, Sharon seeks an audience with Robert Mugabe to convince him to reaffirm the 21-year-old Presidential Decree that protects this remarkable herd of wild elephants.
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