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Aging In The Wild
Aging In The Wild
Aging In The Wild
46 min • Nature & Environment • 2017 • M

This series explores an unusual theme: the study of animals ageing in the wild. We examine the creatures living on the dividing line between life and death. Passionate researchers bring us right into the lives of the animals they study: their ancestors and children, their friends, their struggles and successes. But this isn’t just another animal documentary full of beautiful photography, it is also an invitation to take an in-depth look at what your autumn years are like, when you live in the wild. This requires long-term studies, and our researchers guide our trip around the world and bring us into the lives of these wild elders. Their explanations form part of a fascinating narrative, revealing that the process of ageing in animals varies as much as the species themselves. It is impossible not to see this without reflecting on our own experiences along the way.

5. Death
46 mins

In this episode, we explore how different animal species react to impending death. We explore the factors that lead animals to their final resting places: disease, injury, predation, drought, famine. Some species, such as the naked mole rat, while not immortal, seem to be able to effectively protect themselves from certain diseases such as cancer. This raises questions about what is no doubt a sensitive subject, one that brings to mind our own mortality as we speculate about the reasons for this kind of resilience in our animal counterparts. What lessons can we learn from the animal kingdom? We follow individuals to their last breath ... not as voyeurs, but as spectators attuned to the circle of life.

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