After the Wave: The World's Greatest Forensic Detective Story
After the Wave: The World's Greatest Forensic Detective Story
81 min • History, Nature & Environment • 2014 • G

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The Boxing Day Tsunami in 2004 was the most devastating natural disaster in modern times, killing 228,000 people across 13 countries in just a few hours. This catastrophic collision between the natural world and humankind would have far reaching consequences on humanity and science forever. After the Wave tells the untold story of the epic forensic operation in Thailand to identify and return home the bodies of over 5,000 victims of the tsunami; both locals and holidaymakers from around the world in Thailand for the Christmas break. The best international forensic specialists were in a race against time to give back every victim their identity, with one mantra to guide them: ‘we will take them home’. This film is also an examination of how the world responds to extreme catastrophe on a vast scale, and whether we can cooperate across borders when it’s critical to do so.