A Moral Debt: The Legacy of Slavery in the USA
A Moral Debt: The Legacy of Slavery in the USA
49 min • Society, History • 2018 • PG

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In 2015, nine African Americans were shot in a church in Charleston, South Carolina during bible study. Photographs of the shooter emerged, showing him draped and posing with the Confederate flag on his website. Soon after the city council in New Orleans voted for their Confederate monuments to be removed. Public consultations over Confederate memorials took place in Virginia, which once had the largest enslaved population in the United States. This film explores the protagonist quest into uncovering the true legacy of his slave-owning ancestors. He explores why people across the US are so divided on the subject of Confederate monuments and whether the oppression of enslaved people by his ancestors still has an effect on black lives in the US today. Travelling across Virginia and Maryland to meet key actors in the ongoing moral dilemma the US finds itself in regards to the Civil War and glorification of Confederate monuments, he finds himself face to face with the debate for justice, reparations and the fight to tear these statues down.