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Watch documentary | The movie business is the worst lover you’ve ever had in the sense that…you are seduced and abandoned over and over again” – Alec Baldwin Is this any way to make a film? That’s the question at the heart of James Toback’s meta-film celebration of movie-making, SEDUCED AND ABANDONED; a sly, inspired look at both the immortal dream of creating pure art and the bracing reality of getting down in the muck of modern commerce. For ten days, Toback traversed the 2012 Cannes Film Festival with actor Alec Baldwin, attempting to finance a picture they proposed to do together. While they were running around trying to get their fledgling feature off the ground, Toback simultaneously filed the hilarious, unsettling and revealing proceeds – from meetings with billionaire financiers, sceptical producers and major movie stars to intimate encounters with iconoclasts whose passion proves it’s still possible to transcend the madness.