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Since developments in businesses and technological advances affect all of us, business and technologies are not just for scientists and entrepreneurs, they also offer a wealth of information for laymen of all backgrounds, allowing us to learn more about the astounding advancements being made all around us that will transform our lives and our futures.

Business documentaries can help us learn more about the world of entrepreneurship, follow the rise and fall of large and small corporations, and inside the inner workings of household names that we all know well—from Tesla Motors to Segway. At the same time, technology documentaries offer insight into how scientists and innovators are continually working to push the boundaries of technology and break new ground, and also introduce us to tech startups in various parts of the world.

Meet the people behind some of the largest companies in the world
In SlingShot, we meet inventor Dean Kamen. He is most well-known for having invented the Segway, but he continues to work tirelessly on other inventions and has made notable contributions such as reconceiving kidney dialysis, engineering an electric wheelchair that can climb stairs, building portable insulin pumps and so on. This documentary focuses on his 15-year quest to solve the world’s water crisis with his “SlingShot”, an energy-efficient water purification device that can turn “anything that looks wet” into pure water, a truly incredible invention.

Most people are familiar with the popular Volkswagen Beetle, but not a lot of them are aware of the tragic background behind the rise and fall of its inventor Josef Ganz. Ganz: How I Lost My Beetle tells the story of Josef Ganz, a Jewish car engineer who had to flee Germany following the Nazi rise to power. His brainchild, the Beetle, was loved and championed by Hitler, but Ganz himself was not, and the design is attributed to a later model by Dr. Ferdinand Porsche. The documentary tells the story of a man edited out of history, who lost everything but his life.

Glimpse into the future with technology documentaries
Since the beginning of time, people have always wondered about what the future will hold. From talks of flying cars and the hyperloop, to robots and virtual reality, there is no end to what the human mind longs for and fears for the future. Even some of today’s inventions and technologies would have been considered unheard of a few generations or decades ago.

However, there will always be more developments to come. The Great Guide to the Future tries to envision what our future will look like with an informative and visually-stunning documentary series, where award-winning science journalist, Jonathan McCrea, meets scientists and innovators from around the globe who are working hard on creations that will shape our future. From robot restaurants in Tokyo, to exotic wildlife sanctuaries in the Galápagos Islands, we explore the engineering that will revolutionise our homes, society, energy and travel.

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